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Foyle Women’s Aid established AVERT in June 2006 as the training arm of Foyle Womens Aid and further developed Avert as a social enterprise in July 2010 specialising in adult safeguarding and child protection, to meet organisational need and external demand.


Avert are an OCN accredited centre and have already successfully delivered a number of OCN accredited training programmes and is fast becoming a recognised ‘lead provider’ of domestic and sexual abuse training to all of the professional bodies across the North West. Open College Network Northern Ireland (OCN NI) is a nationally recognised Awarding Organisation regulated by Ofqual (the regulator of qualifications, examinations and assessments in England and vocational qualifications in Northern Ireland).

Avert have an ‘Investors in people award,’ which we received in 2012 – Investors in people standard.

Avert Training is designed for external agencies such as schools, youth/community groups and the workplace, and to professionals working directly within the field of family support & intervention or who work within the field of domestic abuse. The training programme includes Basic Awareness of Domestic abuse, Models and Theories of Domestic Abuse, Domestic abuse first aid (Dealing with Disclosure & asking the question), The Impact of Domestic abuse on Children and the Mind of a Perpetrator.




The Derry Policing and Community Safety Partnership is supporting AVERT Training to deliver an educational programme to schools and community groups throughout the Council area. The programme is being delivered to primary and post primary schools as well as a number of youth groups throughout the city and district. The primary school programme supports children aged between 5 and 11 to distinguish between right and wrong behaviour while developing their level of self esteem and confidence. The programme delivered to over 11 year olds aims to provide a preventative approach to domestic violence/abuse by enabling young adults to identify the early warning signs in unhealthy, abusive relationships.



Increase public awareness of domestic abuse and build community capacity to respond Develop and formalise training provision (accredited and non-accredited) in relation to domestic abuse to all public, schools, community voluntary and sector agencies

Develop relationships with community, voluntary or private sector workplaces to develop workplace policies, protocols and procedures on domestic abuse and how to record report and refer domestic and sexual abuse

Attend to the needs of those affected by domestic abuse and to continually evaluate training to ensure the needs of those experiencing domestic abuse are met by challenging the informing attitudes and behaviours and increasing public awareness of domestic abuse by building community capacity to effectively respond to the needs of those affected by domestic abuse.


AVERT services and training expertise is informed by Foyle Women’s Aid’s 30 years’ experience of supporting women, children and young people affected by domestic abuse. AVERT provides services to contribute to Foyle Women’s Aid’s social and financial sustainability and in order that social partners can work individually and together to address adult and child abuse.

Committed to Evalution

Avert Trainers are required to gather Evaluation Materials from the participants who use our services. Together with the information gathered through the accredited or non-accredited learning process, these sources provide a clear picture of the participants learning journey and evidence of the effectiveness of the education and training provided to increasing public awareness of domestic abuse by building community capacity to effectively respond to the needs of those affected by domestic abuse.


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