Purpose & Vision

Our Vision

We will create a centre of excellence that leads in partnership working to develop and sustain non-violent healthy communities in the North West.

Our Purpose

We exist to eliminate violent behaviour by supporting all victims of abuse through support, prevention, protection and justice.

Our Values

Respect: We treat others with equality and fairness

Understanding: We strive to understand the needs, fears and wishes of others

Shared Learning: We are commited to exchanging knowledge, experiences and ideas

Trust: We will build open and honest relationships and act with integrity and confidentiality

Non-Judgemental: We respect the right to hold opinions and the choices of others even though they might be different from our own

Challenge: We advocate and question to empower all to make changes and reach their goals

Our Core Aims:

 • To provide temporary accommodation to women and their children suffering mental, physical or sexual or financial abuse within the home.

• To encourage women to take control of their own future, whether this involves returning home or beginning an independent life.

• To recognise and care for the emotional needs of the children and young people involved.

• To offer support and advice to any woman who requests it, whether or not she is living in temporary accommodation and to offer supportive aftercare to women moving on.

• To educate and inform the public, the media, the courts, social services and other agencies, always mindful of the fact that the abuse of women is a direct result of the general position of women in society.

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