Signs of Abuse

Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is the intentional and persistent physical, emotional, sexual or financial abuse of an individual and their children, if applicable, in a way that causes pain, distress or injury, and can lead to loss of life.

Emotional Abuse / Coercive Abuse

Examples: Name calling, playing mind games, shouting, criticism, bullying, emotional blackmail, threats, pushing you away, ignoring you, not talking to you, etc.

Physical Abuse

Examples: Nipping, pulling of hair, pushing, punching, kicking, strangling, restraining, throwing or smashing objects, imprisonment at home, attempted murder, murder etc.

Sexual Abuse

Examples: forced to engage in sexual acts when you don’t want to, making you feel you have to have sex with him to keep the peace, threatening rape, use of weapons/objects, accusations of sex with other people, criticising sexual performance etc.

Financial Abuse

Examples: Gambling money, taking control of money, no money for food or basic essentials, questioning about spending, making you account for every penny, making you ask him for money, claiming benefits in his name, taking loans out in your name etc.

You may experience all or only some of these signs of Domestic Abuse. In addition, the examples listed above are not exhaustive.

Children & Domestic Abuse

Signs of domestic abuse in children who have witnessed or experienced domestic abuse can include:

• Acting out or withdrawing
• Difficulty sleeping/nightmares
• Problems at school
• Poor concentration
• Isolating themselves from friends and relatives
• Nervous, anxious
• Frequently ill
• Lack of respect for non-abusing parent
• Self-abuse
• Care taking, acting as a parent substitute

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